ST Model Norstar 9'4" x 94" x 60" CTA Truck Bed

ST0949460 ST Bed
VIN: 50HSB9415P11303069

2023 Norstar ST 9'4" x 94" x 60" CTA Truck Bed - fits Ford (1998 or newer), GMC/Chevy (2001 or newer) or Dodge (2003 or newer) dually tuck that came from the factory as a cab and chassis only


Need a working truck bed with a little extra built in storage? Our ST skirted truck bed might be just for you. Two Locking T-Handle boxes are standard and you can add up to four total. This bed is the perfect fit for any single or dual wheeled work truck and can keep up with your daily workload. Standard gooseneck ball hitch and bumper receiver hitch along with both 7 way and 4 way plugs make sure you can hook up and go any time. Standard lifetime LED lights ensure you will never be left in the dark and the tubular steel headache rack will protect your cab from most anything you can throw its way. Standard angled corners help you maneuver into tight spaces and standard exposed rub rail and stake pockets give you plenty of contact points for securing any load. Check out our optional features and build a bed to suit your workload today.


Steel Structural Frame
4 Runner Channels
Formed 3/16 Channel Cross Members
Steel Tube Head Rack w/ Cross Bars Tail & Rev. Lights
Steel 1/8 Diamond Plate Floor
Built in Gooseneck Ball Mount w/ Diamond Plate Lid
Skirt Smooth Side w/ Front Tool Boxes & Rub Rail
Fuel Filler Neck
Skirted Rear Bumper w/ Anti Slip Step
Receiver Hitch Ready
Smooth Flare Fenders
Premium Powder Coated Black
2.5 LED Reflective Marker Lights
4 Clear 6 Oval LED Reverse Lights
6 Red 6 Oval LED ST/TL/TN Lights
Single LED License Plate Light
All Lighting DOT Approved
Molded Sealed Harness w/ Resistor
4 & 7 Way Receiver Female Plug w/ Adaptor


Use this guide when ordering your Norstar truck bed. Please observe the measurements of each dimension and check before placing your order.

Length: Measurement from cab to end of frame.
Width: Measurement from outside of tire to outside of tire
CTA: Measurement from cab to axle
Runner: Measurement from outside of frame to outside of frame at the rear of the frame.
Models: ST SF SR SD
Order Method: Model x Length x Width x CTA x Runner
Example: ST 9'4L x 97W x 60CTA x 34 Runners (Add options) Note: 11' long beds will have 84 CTA



Dually -- 8'6L x 97W x 56 CTA x 38 Runners
Single Wheel Long Wheel Base -- 8'6L x 84W x 56CTA x 38 Runner
Single Wheel Short Wheel Base -- 84L x 84W x 40CTA x 38 Runner
Cab & Chassis -- 9'4L x 92W x 60CTA x 34 Runners
F-350 takes a 92W
F-450 & 550 are 94 & 97W with Standard Headache Rack
2015 F650 Runners 34.5

GM / Chevrolet


Dually -- 8'6L x 97W x 56CTA x 42 Runners
Single Wheel Long Wheel Base -- 8'6L x 84W x 56CTA x 42 Runner
Single Wheel Short Wheel Base -- 84L x 84W x 42CTA x 42 Runner
Cab & Chassis -- 9' 4L x 90 or 92W x 60CTA x 34 Runners
(Prior to 2000 measurements will be required)
4500 & 5500 is 94W with 60 Headache Rack



2007 Cab and Chassis -- 9'4L x 94W x 60CTA x 34 Runner
Mega Cab -- 84L x 97W x 40 CTA x 42 Runners
Mega Cab -- 84L x 84W x 38 CTA x 42 Runners
Dually -- 8'6L x 97W x 58CTA x 42 Runners
Single Wheel Long Wheel Base -- 8'6L x 84W x 58CTA x 42 Runner
Single Wheel Short Wheel Base -- 84L x 84W x 38CTA x 42 Runner
2002 and earlier will have 56 CTA and 38 Runners on long bed

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